Our Softer Butter Now Available At Marks & Spencer and Waitrose From February 2020

Posted on 16th January 2020

Presenting a new wave in dairy, The ButterworksTM has created a delicious block butter which brings both convenience and dairy indulgence to the kitchen. Churned, blended and crafted with serious butter lovers in mind, the Butter Boffins at The ButterworksTM have created a rich, creamy and award-winning salted block butter which is unique as it is naturally softer and spreads straight from the fridge.

Following years of development, the ButterworksTM uncovered market opportunities to fulfill consumer demand for a natural, flavoursome and convenient butter that spreads straight from the fridge. Working with only two ingredients, butter and salt, the Butter Boffins have used their extensive expertise and know-how to develop a churning technique that creates a naturally softer butter, with no artificial colours or flavours added.

Research undertaken by Campden BRI; The innovation, research and technology centre for the food and drinks industry, has shown that The ButterworksTM Softer Butter is at least 50% softer than other UK butter brands when spread straight from the fridge, reflecting The Butterworks’ imagination, innovation and determination to produce a consumer-friendly butter block. Rich and well-balanced, The ButterworksTM Softer Butter won a Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards, 2019. As a 100% butter block which spreads straight from the fridge, this makes it perfect for baking, lunch boxes and speedy sandwiches before heading out.

David Cooknell (Head of Retail Sales at Castle Dairies) said “Here at The Butterworks we are delighted to be supplying our Butterworks Softer Butter into Marks and Spencer and Waitrose. The product plays a unique roll on shelf as it is at least 50% softer than other big brands and it is so easy to use as it really does spread straight form the fridge. We believe this is a great innovation for butter lovers as we truly understand the struggle of trying to spread hard butter!

The Butterworks’ Softer Butter block will be available in Marks and Spencer from the beginning of January 2020, RRP £1.90 (250g). It will also be available in Waitrose from the 5th of February 2020, RRP £1.90 (250g).

Completing The Butterworks’ range, The Butterworks Cornish Butter with Cornish Sea Salt crystals is available from Waitrose, RRP £2.00 (250g), and their Spreadable butter made with Hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil is also available from Waitrose, RRP £2.00 (250g).