Our Softer Butter Story

Posted on 13th December 2019

Have you seen our Softer Salted Butter and ever wondered what makes it naturally softer? If there’s anything added to make it softer? If there’s any oil added? Any nasties?

To answer your questions, read on to discover how our award-winning Softer Butter is really ‘’naturally softer’’!

Following years of development, working with just two ingredients, butter and salt, here at the Butterworks HQ our Butter Boffins have used their extensive expertise and butter knowledge to develop a churning technique that creates a naturally softer butter with no artificial colours, additives, flavours and most importantly no oil – only butter and salt!

There you have it, a naturally softer butter.

You may now be wondering if it really is that much softer than ordinary block butter. We sent our Softer butter off to researchers at Campden BRI to test its softness against other block butters currently on the market. They found that our Softer Butter is at least fifty percent softer than other block butters when spread from the fridge.

Rich and well-balanced, our Softer Butter is perfect for baking, lunch boxes and speedy sandwiches before heading out!

Keep an eye out on our social media channels as our Softer Butter will be available in a major retailer – coming soon!

Keep an eye out for our Softer Butter in stores in the new year!