Butter lovers, born and bread

We’re a family run business that’s besotted with butter.

Churning, creaming and blending – there’s nothing that we don’t love about butter. With know-how from across the world and years of experience mastering our craft at our Butterworks HQ, we’re merrily devoted to crafting the best butter in the land.

From firm family favourites to surprising new blends, our butter boffins make sure there is something for everyone to adore. We believe that a day without butter is like a day without sunshine.

Only the best will do. Our cream comes from Red Tractor and Farm Assured Farms, carefully churned to create a seriously smooth butter experience. We’re pleased to say the quality of our ingredients hasn’t gone unnoticed. We currently hold The Soil Association, Red Tractor and Halal accreditation.

Butter perfection

Making butter is what gets us out of bed every morning. It’s a simple process really, but one that requires top quality ingredients, specialist skills and the utmost care and attention.

Happy cows help make our delicious creamy butter
Milking takes place in a humane, rural setting
We churn, cream and blend until it’s just right
We add a little natural seasoning. Not too little not too much.
Lovingly packed at our Butter Works HQ
All yours - just add fresh bread!