The ButterWorks

Here at the Butterworks HQ we’re merrily devoted to churning and crafting the wonderful golden stuff day in day out to bring you the best butter in the land.

Enjoy our wonderful butters on hot toast or in delicious recipes and let us surprise you with all that our butters can offer.

How we make our glorious butter

We’ve travelled the world discovering, tasting and learning everything there is to know about butter.

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🐝 Bees need our help! 🐝

In recent decades, a third of bee and hoverfly species have suffered population declines.

Hillfarm Oils are currently running a campaign to ‘’back our bees’’.
@hillfarmoils works with beekeepers, plants wildflowers and farms sustainably to make a lasting, positive impact on our bees. 🌿🌸🌻 By taking one small action, we can all make a difference and #saveourbees 🐝

Let us know how you’re helping our bees! ✨

See the link below to discover more
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✨✨ Have your tried our Hillfarm Spreadable butter yet? 
Get yours today from Waitrose and let us know what you think! ✨✨
Some lunchtime inspo by @bbcfood 😍 will be making this with our Softer Salted butter! 🤤 
Did you know our Softer Butter contains only butter and salt? 
After years of experience and trials here at the Butterworks HQ, our butter boffins have used their extensive expertise and know-how to develop a churning technique that creates naturally Softer butter, with no artificial colours or flavours added. 🤫 👨🏻‍🍳
Rich and well-balanced, our Softer Butter is perfect for baking, lunch boxes and speedy sandwiches before heading out! ✨ 
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Did anyone else see our ad in the Food and Drink Checklist in the Times newspaper? 
Let us know if you did! 🎉
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