Rosemary Flower Butter with Grana Padano Cheese by Lavender and lovage

Prep time - 10 minutes
Cook time -
Serves - 12
Difficulty - Easy


250g Softer butter

handful of fresh rosemary flowers (about 3 tablespoons of flowers

125g grated Grana Padano Italian chees

sea salt to taste (optional)


Step 1 Allow the butter to come to room temperature and mix the grated cheese and rosemary flowers in to the softened butter.
Step 2 Adjust the seasoning with extra sea salt if needed.
Step 3 Pack the butter into small jars or finger bowls to serve.
Step 4 Press a few extra rosemary flowers into the top of the butter as a garnish.
Step 5 Serve with hot crusty bread with soup and/or salad, or as flavoured butter for sandwiches, toast and bread.

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