Our Collaboration with Hillfarm Oil

Posted on 14th February 2019

We first visited Hillfarm Oils in Suffolk in the summer of 2017 – we had heard about their cold pressed rapeseed oil and how deliciously tasty it was. We’d had an idea about developing a naturally healthier spread. How would it work to blend butter with a natural Extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil that had a deep golden colour and a delicious nutty flavour? Could we bring the first product of it’s kind to the market in the UK? No-one else in the UK sells a product like this so it has been a pretty exciting journey.

The rapeseed is grown in Suffolk on the Fair’s family farm – they have been farming since 1967 and were the first UK farm to grow, press and bottle their own cold pressed rapeseed oil, so are pretty experienced at how to grow the best crop of rapeseed! After speaking with the farm and making samples of our new product, the verdict was that it would be a hit and we knew it was a product we had to share!

Made with 100% cold pressed rapeseed oil; and like all of our products and ethos, their oil is 100% natural with nothing else added!

As well as its amazing taste, cold pressed rapeseed oil also has many health benefits from being low in saturated fat, which can help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of developing heart disease.