Where it all began

Posted on 14th February 2019

Here at The Butterworks, we really love butter: we love eating butter and most of all we love making butter.

The Butterworks butter brand has been born from the desire to make the best butter in the land. Our butter boffins have travelled the world working and learning across New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the different Nordic countries. We have become experts on how to churn and make butter so it is the tastiest it can be.

Our Butter HQ is helmed by Nigel Lloyd. His dad starting churning butter over 40 years ago, and so growing up knowing what makes a great tasting butter, he has led the The Butterworks team to develop a new range of butters which celebrate the delicious taste that is BUTTER!

Our butter boffins have been super busy. Our new product development team have developed, tweaked and tasted lots (& lots!) of delicious butters to bring our new range to UK retailers. All our ingredients are natural and we believe in sourcing only from the best suppliers possible. We have 4 scrumptious butters to share with you and you can find out more about these on our website product pages. Please let us know what you think.

The Butterworks is about bringing the best butters possible to the UK shops. It’s been about pushing the boundaries of how to make butter and thinking  differently about taste, spreadability and about health. We have are super excited to share our new products:

We look forward to hearing your feedback once you have tasted them, please keep in touch with us!